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Glass Works

  • Frameless and Partitions

    Partitions consisting of one layer or more with required supporting mechanism.

  • Sand blasting and Painting on Glass

    Used to create desired shapes, logos...etc

  • Fused glass

    Exposing glass to high temperatures in special furnaces to get 3D shapes. It can be used for partitions,wall cladding,decorativeshapes...etc

  • Stain Glass

    Used for decorative skylights,doors and curtain walls .best material is used to obtain high quality product.

  • Glass furniture

    Decorative tables,desks, counters, partitions...etc

  • Laminated glass

    Special types of glass used for high safety requirements(skylights,curtain wall,partitions...etc)

  • Curved glass

    special furnace is available to obtain curved glass with various sizes


  • Shower

  • Folding

    Such products can be used in banks, restaurants...etc